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Community Grants - Agency Page

United Way Blackhawk Region Community Grant Process
The following links are for Funded Partners of United Way Blackhawk Region. 

Secure Process
United Way Blackhawk Region’s (UWBR) Community Grant process is secure. All necessary procedures, forms and required attachments are accessed via e-CImpact, a secure, cloud-based Grant and Community Impact Management Software System. While the e-CImpact portal is password protected, UWBR will never request password information for social media accounts including but not limited to your organization’s Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat accounts. If you are being asked to provide passwords or information that seems out of the ordinary, you can reach out to UWBR directly at 608-314-8424 or you can access reliable guidance via the AARP Foundation or the Federal Trade Commission.

New Program Inquiries
Programs new to UWBR’s Community Grant process were afforded the opportunity to submit Eligibility Applications for the 2019-2021 grant cycle November 1 -16, 2018. That window is now closed and late entries are not permitted. 

If the volunteer-led Community Impact Council elects to open the process for the next grant cycle, that would occur in late 2020 or early 2021. Information and announcements pertaining to United Way grant processes are disseminated to local media partners across communication vehicles (predominately print and radio), posted to our website, and shared via UWBR social media channels to inform the public at least four weeks in advance. For additional queries, please contact UWBR Vice President Denise Peters-Kauihou at 608.314.8424.