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Building & Property

The purpose of the Building & Property Committee is to provide strategic leadership and oversight of activities associated with the operation, maintenance, safety and security of the Community Services building and grounds.

Duties and Responsibilities of Building & Property Committee:

  • Provide input and information regarding the annual Building Committee budget
  • Review requests regarding building and grounds and determine what, if any, action should be taken.
  • Provide applicable support to any Request for Proposals, bids or agreements related to any contracted maintenance and other services.
  • Perform an annual inspection of the building and grounds and determine any action or necessary improvements.
  • Review, recommend and/or approve the decorating, painting, structural changes or remodeling for the Community Service Building facilities.
  • Host or plan "Day of Caring" projects as required.

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2015 Committee

David Hiller - Data Dimensions - Chair
Allen Irgens - Roethe Pope Roethe LLP
Amy Lokrantz - ABC Supply Co, Inc.
Tom McCawley - Beloit Health System
Cathy Pollard - City of Beloit
Matt Reynolds - Blackhawk Bank