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Community Grant Review Committee

We take the responsibility of stewarding your hard-earned dollars seriously. Thirty-five community-minded volunteers and subject matter experts, as well as your United Way staff, participated in the 2017 Community Grant Review Process.  

More than 600 volunteer hours are spent training, reviewing online applications, scoring myriad criteria and meeting personally with the executive and board leadership of applicant agencies. For two days, Program Partners present their work, tout success stories, articulate organizational efficacy and adhere to a transparent financial review. Following the presentations, 10 volunteer panels developed funding and/or capacity-building recommendations for Program Partners, which will be presented to the UWBR Board of Directors for approval in November.

United Way's investment in the community ensures your donor dollars are directed to efficient programs taking steps to create lasting change.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our Community Grant volunteers for lending generously of their time and talent. 

2017 Volunteers

Greg Ardrey

Shelly Birkelo

Karissa Chapman

Erin Conway

Tina Counsel

Inga Cushman

Daniel Erdman

Kristin Fillhouer

Kathy Gatrel

Cindy Grassl

Yaffa Grossman

Al Hulick

Leslie Hulick

Jan Klaehn

Amy Lokrantz

Erin Loveland

Kelly Mack

Kimberly Mathews

Tom McCawley

Susan Melton

Judy Nupnau

Jim Packard Jr.

Dennis Pauli

John Pearse

Christine Rebout

Jason Sage

Danny Sawyer

Steve Servantez

Dave Shalk

Phil Smith

Betsy Straw

Lynn Volbrecht

David Wilson

Lynn Wood